Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance Department will perform both daytime and evening inspections of your workplace at your convenience. This practice helps maintain MOCS Inc. high standards and encourages feedback from our customers.

Important facts about MOCS services

Cleaning Schedules

All cleaning operations are generally performed after business hours and on weekends. However, we can also accommodate your daytime cleaning needs.

All initial or special cleanings are arranged to meet your scheduling requirements. MOCS, Inc. typical work schedule would include


General Cleaning

Dust and clean fixtures, office furniture, display units, window ledges, doors, waste paper, ashtrays, phones, drinking fountains

Glass Care

Remove smudges and fingerprints from internal glass partitions, doors and partitions.


Floor Maintenance

Vacuum and spot removal from carpeted area, ceramic and resilient floor areas

Kitchen/Lunch/Coffee Areas

Kitchen counters, tables, sinks, exterior of appliances



Polish/Disinfect dispensers, fixtures, basins, toilets, urinals. Restock paper products from customer supply.

Additional special services

On occasion, services other than the regularly scheduled janitorial duties may be required. MOCS Inc. will perform these services when requested, and invoice separately from the general monthly cleaning contract, unless the services are specifically included in your monthly billing



Communication is the driving force that keeps our system running smoothly, day-in and day-out. We have several ways to communicate with you, each individually suited according to your specific business needs. These are as follows:

Phone Support: We work when you work - so we’ll be available when you need us. Our MOCS, Inc.® Support Center can assist you with any cleaning matters during regular business hours.

Paging System: The owner and management staff are accessible 24 hours a day via their beepers or cell phones. This tool assures rapid response both in emergency situations or simply to make a special request.

Email System: You can also communicate questions or comments via email. MOCS’ Inc. checks their emails every evening and will respond accordingly.

Employee Training

MOCS, Inc. Owners and management staff have received comprehensive training and continuous education on the latest commercial and health care cleaning techniques as well as proper equipment and product usage –all with the interest of providing consistent quality and state-of-the-art services.


Employee Training

MOCS has developed various programs to train personnel in providing consistent high quality results for patients and staff. The programs are developed to train personnel in:

Orientation: To acquaint personnel with the objectives of the environmental services department. Introduction to attacking the unseen enemy, bacteria. HIPPAA and Patient Confidentiality.

Policing: To provide a mobile person to attend to heavy traffic areas or emergencies as they occur.

Rest Room Cleaning: To clean and disinfect in rest room cleaning.

Ancillary areas: To clean, disinfect and remove trash from all ancillary areas.

Blood Spills: To remove blood or potentially infectious material spills

Patient Room Cleaning: To clean and disinfect all contact surfaces in patient room cleaning.

Isolation Room Cleaning: To provide an aseptic environment for the isolation patient following one of the three precautionary systems, Contact, Droplet and Airborne Isolation.

Checkouts/In-between case: To clean and disinfect all surfaces in check-out and in-between case cleaning.

Nursery Cleaning: To clean and disinfect all surfaces in the Nursery area. Schedule cleaning to correspond to a time when babies are with the mothers.

Surgery Cleaning: To clean and disinfect all surfaces in the most critical area in the hospital.

Central Sterile Supply: To clean and disinfect all surfaces.

Floor buffing: To restore the gloss and enhance the shine by removing old finish, black marks and surfaces. Hardness of the floor finish will extend the time between stripping and refinishing.

Floor seal and Finish: To determine whether or not a seal should be applied on a floor, examine the tile to evaluate the condition. If it is an older floor, extremely porous, in a high traffic area or has been stripped often, seal coats are designed to effectively fill the pores in these situations.

Floor stripping/scrubbing: To properly prepare the floor for seal and finish. To remove old finish or factory seal to insure bonding of the products.

Carpet care: To set-up a maintenance program based on the traffic in the facility to maintain the level of appearance and cleanliness.

Equipment Cleaning: To clean and disinfect all equipment on a daily or as used basis.

Janitor Closet: To maintain janitor closets in a clean and neat condition at all times.

Medical Waste Management: To define a mechanism for ensuring minimal risk of exposure to disease-causing agents to employees, patients, and the public through sanitary practices related to the management of biomedical waste and a contingency plan for spills.


(Case by case basis to facility)
Employees will receive on the job training after reviewing the training program.