Corporate Background

MOCS, Inc. is a privately owned, insured and bonded - Texas based corporation, providing high quality housekeeping to medical and commercial facilities. In an effort to distinguish itself from another “Mom and Pop” cleaning company, MOCS Incorporated partnered in 1999 with Coverall of Houston, Inc., a worldwide leader in the commercial cleaning industry and is now currently operating under its own entity name.

The owners of MOCS are working together to fulfill a common goal - Success.

The adherence to the following values in the core of MOCS’ strength and the primary reason for a continued growth and success:

Earn customer’s satisfaction on a daily basis

Use of creativity and innovation

Treat all with respect and dignity: “Treat one as you would like to be treated”

Gain a reputation for superb, quick, personalized customer service

Maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity

After realizing of this most needed service and success industry, Al Melendez’ goals is to shape the company into a distinguished, top of the line company at a lower cost of the big competitors. Through proven systems characterized at other facilities that it currently provides service to in Texas.


Outstanding Commitment to Quality Award

Al Melendez entered the cleaning industry in 1994 and has developed a positive and outstanding reputation in the work provided. He has been recognized with the following awards / participation in the cleaning industry:

1994 President’s Club Award West Region Special Recognition

1995 President’s Club Award Gulf Coast Region

1996 Quality Assurance Award

1997 Manager of the Year

1999 Quality Assurance Award

2000 Excellence in Emergency Response Award

2006 Member of

Al Melendez is currently MOCS Owners and serves as Chief Executive Officer.



MOCS, Inc. provides one of the strongest insurance protection plans available in the cleaning industry. This will give you the confidence of knowing that the safety and security of your facility is backed by an extensive insurance coverage policy, which encompasses $2,000,000 general aggregate liability coverage as well as a $100,000 Worker’s Compensation Insurance.



MOCS, Inc. is a member of Business Service Organization.


Why Select MOCS Services

The Problem: Lack of Professionalism in Commercial & Healthcare Cleaning

Recurring problems in this industry include:

  1. Inconsistent service and untrained workers.
  2. No supervision to ensure quality.
  3. No contact person for service requests.
  4. Lack of management concern for customer satisfaction.
  5. Account cancellations due to poor quality of labor.
The Solution: MOCS, Inc.

MOCS, Inc. believes in establishing long term relationships built on a solid foundation of superior services, expertise, communication and innovative solutions. Our highly trained personnel, quality cleaning methods and dependable work schedules come together to form a successful commercial and/or healthcare cleaning program that works.


MOCS, Inc. Resources

MOCS, Inc. has invested in a comprehensive training program and an extensive support system, which includes quality control systems, customer relations’ services and billing and collection services. We also provide volume purchasing power and a state-of-the-art equipment package.

Commercial / Healthcare Cleaning Professionals

MOCS, Inc. has established an industry-wide reputation for its unbeatable service record. This is attributed to an owner-operated system where the Owners is personally involved and has a full vested interest in providing the best service possible. Your satisfaction is a testament to their success.

These self-motivated individuals are true cleaning professionals.

The Growing Move to MOCS, Inc. Commercial / Healthcare Cleaning

Small and large office buildings, industrial complexes, medical facilities, banks, department stores and corporate headquarters are among the many accounts we serve or have served in the past. Their sizes have ranged from just 1,000 to over 30,000 square feet. Yet, they all possess one common requirement that MOCS, Inc. consistently provides - the best quality cleaning service at the most reasonable price.